Toronto Theralase

Theralase is a cold laser system that speeds up healing, reduces inflammation and pain to injured and inflamed tissues. This laser system is used by many professional athletes and sports teams to achieve rapid healing, allowing a quicker return to their sport. It is also used extensively to alleviate pain and improve function in many soft tissue injuries, tendonitis's, and arthritic conditions.

Theralase's superpulsed, near infrared and visible red laser technology accelerates healing by reducing pain and inflammation while staying under the maximal exposure tolerance for tissue. This superpulsed system allows the lasers to deliver an exact dose of light energy up to 4" deep into the tissues.

    Theralase is the only Laser on the market known to activate all 3 cellular pathways:
    1. Accelerated Tissue Repair:
  • 660nm red laser stimulates the mitochondria of the cell to produce more ATP (cell energy) to accelerate tissue repair
  • 2. Pain Reduction:
  • 905nm laser effectively removes the pain signal by rebalancing the sodium pump pathway.
  • 3. Decreasing Inflammation:
  • 905nm Theralase increases the production of Nitric Oxide (NO), increasing vasodilation and decreasing inflammation.