Jenn Arkison, Registered Massage Therapist RMT

Jenn is a Registered Massage Therapist who graduated from Centennial College Massage Therapy program April 2015. Jenn is in good standing with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and is also a member of the Registered Massage Therapist Association of Ontario.

At Centennial she had the opportunity to work with multiple populations of people including pregnant women, seniors, infants, palliative care patients, varsity athletes and members of the Canadian Wheelchair Basketball Academy.

Jenn played competitive hockey and lacrosse from a young age but had to stop due to accumulation injuries including multiple concussions. After receiving different types of rehab she realized that she wanted to be able to help people get back to sport or life just like her practitioners did for her. To give back to the hockey community Jenn is a Trainer for the Durham West Lightening Novice B girls' hockey team.

At the Toronto 2015 Parapan Am games Jenn was a Massage Therapist in the Athletes village Polyclinic providing pre and post event and injury maintenance treatments for some the world class athletes that participated. The games exposed Jenn to amputees, visually impaired athletes, individuals with congenital defects and spinal cord injuries. During the games she worked on her ability to adapt and modify all treatments for the case given to her.

In treatment Jenn uses a variety of techniques to achieve the best results for the ultimate goal of the patient. The techniques include Swedish massage techniques, pre/post sports massage, rhythmic and joint mobilizations, deep tissue techniques, trigger point therapy, PNF and passive stretching, myofascial release techniques and lymphatic drainage.

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Eliza Pereira-Karve, Physiotherapist M.P.T

Eliza graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy degree from Manipal University, India. She is currently licensed and registered to practice in Ontario. She has worked in private clinics, long term care and retirement homes in Toronto. She has experience working in areas of musculoskeletal, sports injury, post-partum, post-surgical, pelvic health, hand and geriatric rehabilitation.

Eliza has special interest in Women's health and has received training in the physical therapy approach to urinary incontinence and pelvic pain. She has completed BoneFitTM training conducted by Osteoporosis Canada. Eliza has attained Level 1 in the Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy program. She has also taken additional courses such as McKenzie Part A, Soft tissue release, Clinical Neurodynamics and Neuro-proprioceptive taping. She is trained in Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) evaluation and management through the Advanced Physical Therapy Education Institute.

Eliza's treatment approach is a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, individualized exercise prescription, other modalities and client education. Eliza firmly believes in an evidence-based practice and values continuing education and is looking forward to pursue further training in Acupuncture and Pelvic health Physiotherapy.

Outside of work, Eliza enjoys travelling to off the beaten path destinations and spending time with her family.

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Stephanie Bognar, Registered Physiotherapist MScPT, HBScKin

Stephanie completed her Master of Science in Physical Therapy degree at the University of Toronto and her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology with Honours from McMaster University. Her post-graduate education includes completion of an Advanced Physical Therapy Education course, certification in Soft Tissue Release and K-Taping,and Advanced Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Therapy Level One. Her research on the effects of dancing for people with Parkinson’s disease is published in the journal Disability and Rehabilitation.

During her time at McMaster and U of T, she had the opportunity to volunteer and work with many different populations including acute care, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, stroke rehab, home care, and outpatient orthopedics.

Stephanie’s interest in physiotherapy stems from her own experiences with injuries, and she understands the frustration of being held back due to pain and physical limitations. Stephanie is passionate about getting people back to whatever it is that they love to do, from playing sports to playing with grandchildren.

Stephanie’s treatment approach is very client-centered and involves education, hands-on therapeutic techniques, and tailored exercise programs with the goal of effective and efficient recovery. She is a big believer in active therapy and recognizes the importance of having clients participate in their care.

In her spare time, Stephanie leads an active lifestyle and can be found dancing, working out at the gym, and exploring different Toronto neighborhoods. She also enjoys baking, reading, and drinking tea.

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Dr. Jessica Roeder, Chiropractor and Medical Acupuncture Provider BHK (Hons), DC

Dr. Jessica Roeder is a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture program at McMaster University. Through knowledge gained from her undergraduate studies in Human Kinetics, Dr. Roeder places an emphasis towards correcting biomechanical dysfunction in order to restore function and improve performance and adaptability.

Following the Functional Integrated Therapy approach, her treatment consists of chiropractic care, medical acupuncture, and Active Release Techniques (ART). This comprehensive method aids in the long-term resolution of injuries, improves the body's function and contributes to optimal health.

Dr. Roeder spent four years running on the University of Windsor's varsity track and field team. Through her strong investment in both academics and athletics she gained the title as an Academic All-Canadian. Through her participation in Track and field, Dr. Roeder invests a strong interest in running mechanics and in all forms of athletics especially downhill skiing and swimming.

Through her program at McMaster University, Dr. Roeder takes a unique approach to treatment with Acupuncture. Dr. Roeder will use a combination of classic acupuncture points and electro-stimulation in order to relax tight muscles, increase blood flow to the injured sight and access the nervous system to help reduce inflammation and pain.

Dr. Roeder is also certified in Cosmetic Acupuncture. Cosmetic Acupuncture helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time as well as giving the skin a healthy glow. This is an alternative method to fillers and botox and is a risk free way to give your skin a healthy more youthful appearance.

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Dr. Giacomina Gucciardi, Naturopath BSc, ND

Dr. Giacomina Gucciardi has been a naturopathic doctor since 1997 and enjoys family practice, with a focus on gastrointestinal health, women's health, fertility, pediatrics and the management of chronic inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Gucciardi uses Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, and homeopathy in combination with nutritional and lifestyle counseling, to address the physical, mental, and emotional health of an individual. She aims to work with patients in establishing goals and treatment plans that empower patients to take charge of, and maximize their own health and well being.

Dr.Gucciardi graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine, in 1997 where she completed a four-year doctorate program. Prior to naturopathic studies, she attended the University of Toronto and completed a Bachelor of Science degree. She continued her education by training with Jane Lyttleton, one of the world's leading experts in the Treatment of Infertility with Traditional Chinese Medicine. With acupuncture Dr. Gucciardi has been helping patients with fertility, IVF enhancement and pregnancy.

Outside of her clinical practice Dr. Gucciardi is committed to educating the public on Naturopathic medicine. She has lectured at Seneca College on the subject of gastrointestinal health and has led a series of "lunch and learn" lectures with the Royal Bank of Canada.

Dr. Gucciardi is licensed in Ontario through the Board of Drugless Practitioners- BDDT-N). She also holds professional memberships with the Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND), the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND).

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